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June 2024

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Xmas was not always a time for Joy and Cheer.
St. Nick was sad drinking too much German Beer.
Hard to get help when they rather play Video Gear.
Not much to do about the cost of hay for Reindeer.

Elves working for free but picketing on Strike.
Climate Change actually flipped the Night.
The Aurora Borealis just didn’t look Tight.
“Blank dot.Gov” could never get it Right.

Latinos discovered a Muy Bueno Plan.
Wire Ristras “chillies’ around the Zia Fan.
Popcorn threaded through Chamisa Span.
Candles in paper bags along the Rio Grande.

One look at the Scene,
“Itza Mean”
Because Chillies Glow
Red or Green
—Señor Miguel, Ghost Writer