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What Are you Grateful For? June 2021

We honored our mothers and veterans in May. In June, we honor all the men, as well as women, who have acted in the role as father, for Father’s Day, on June 20. Thank you, fathers, everywhere you may go!

Jenny Bird, Arroyo Hondo
(music director at Unity Church)
Jenny has a lovely collection of round rocks in a bowl on her outside table. They are from Maine. “We used to walk on the beach and find rocks together.” This is one of her favorite memories, and she is grateful for the time she shared with him. “I keep the rocks visible to keep a good feeling in my heart for him.”

Marirose Bernal, Cerro
(intern at Cerro Vista Farm)
“My dad used to hide chocolate bars in my sock drawer and we would share them when my mom wasn’t looking. This started when one day he came home with a full box of Hershey’s chocolate bars and said, ‘Marirose, I have a surprise for you.’ He conspired to hide the chocolate in my sock drawer and that’s how it all began. We made a secret pact with each other. I am grateful for that special time and his sense of play.”

Hannah Bercovici, Cerro
(intern at Cerro Vista Farms)
“My dad reads a lot of the same books I do. We talk about the books and feel things together. I call him and we talk about the parts that make us cry. I am grateful for my dad for introducing storytelling to me.”

April Dunbar, El Rito
(mother, student, herbal healer)
“I am grateful for my dad for introducing me to the joy of social gatherings and throwing a good party. He is a good role model for how to be easygoing and encourages a positive vibe. He passed down the love of music and the desire to breathe the fresh air with everyone you love.”

Samuel Montoya, Cerro
(horse trainer, student)
“I am grateful for my dad for teaching us things: how to train and work with horses, how to run a tractor, and how to lay hydraulic lines. He has shown us how to be calm and centered, especially working with horses and interacting with people. He instilled in us manners and respect for others.”