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What are you grateful for? July 2021

We have had some hot days in June, which got me thinking about the 4th of July. May we all celebrate this holiday together and be grateful to resume some of our annual festive activities. Here’s what folks on the street are saying about the 4th of July:

Miranda, Red River (teenage student)
I am grateful for the 4th of July because I celebrate my dog, Tobly’s birthday every year on this day. Last year it was COVID-19 but we still managed to celebrate by making a birthday cake and getting bacon peanut butter ice cream for him.

Andrea, Taos (screenwriter)
I will never forget the 4th of July when I was 4 years old. My brother and I were shooting off fireworks in the front yard when the top blew off the firework and landed under the tongue of my sneaker, burning a hole all the way through the top of my foot and leaving a scar the size of a dime. I still have that scar today. I am grateful for learning at a young age how to be careful around fireworks.

Fernando and Marcela, Taos (US citizens 30 years, from Argentina)
Four of our children were born in Texas. We are grateful to see our children celebrate this holiday as native Tejanos first, Americans second. We like seeing them celebrate the holiday of the country that adopted them. When they were younger, a ritual was established in our neighborhood. We would get all the kids into the Radio Flyers and pull them down to the park and wait for the fireworks. When our home was in Texas, New Mexico was one of our top destinations. We have a huge heart for New Mexico.

Taya, Questa (community midwife)
I was a rodeo queen in Pilar, New Mexico on the 4th of July. I am grateful to feel connected with the horses and the way the earth feels beneath their hooves. I want to honor it every year by riding across the mesa because I am country!