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June 2024

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ASTROLOGY: April 2024


“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

—Carl Jung

This month we experience a total solar eclipse in the U.S. The next one won’t be until August 23, 2044. As esoteric scientists we could discuss the unique and perfect distancing of the Sun from the Earth; how the disc of the Moon perfectly fits over the Sun exposing its fiery corona. Were it only a few hundred miles larger or smaller, a few thousand miles closer or further away, this exact phenomenon could not occur. What is the meaning or purpose? Or, we could discuss the idea that the Sun’s rays upon the Earth is a direct current and that at specific and regular intervals the intervention of the Moon interrupting the rays of heat, light and magnetism shifts the direct current to an alternating current, which affects organic life on Earth in a positive and apparently necessary way. Who set this magical dynamic up?

We could also discuss that Paracelsus said that we are suns in miniature. Mankind is a microcosm of this planet, in whom we live and move and have our being. The substance of the stars is wrought in us even as the substance of the stars is wrought in our Sun. As above, so below. We say Earth is a tiny microcosm to the gigantic macrocosm of the heavens and we are a reflection of the heavens, thus we too can eclipse. All of these ideas would make for fascinating topics of discussion.

Instead, in view of the upheaval in the world today and that this eclipse is an important time when we can actively participate in making a difference, we choose to discuss views from back in the time of ancient Egypt when Pharaoh Akhenaton chose to defy the worldview of his time and insist that there was a greater god than all of the animals then being revered. He spoke of a secret behind the disc of the Sun and that it was the true god, the source of prana, of life force. And that within the disc of the Sun is a constant, reverberating sound. It bounces around, ricocheting and creating the sound of the Aum/OM which flows outward from the Sun to Earth; a gift. Sounding the OM has a unifying effect when members of a group join in.

Sound the Aum on April 8 and help unify the world.

ARIES Planet: Mercury MARCH 20 – APRIL 19
Dynamic: A great month for pondering your next venture.
Direction: Ponder only.
Soul Thought: Adventure?

TAURUS Planet: Vulcan APRIL 19 – MAY 20
Dynamic: Investment time, yet…
Direction: Be cautious what you do with your money.
Soul Thought: Pretty is as pretty does.

GEMINI Planet: Venus MAY 20 – July 20
Dynamic: A time to distinguish yourself.
Direction: In genteel and aesthetic ways.
Soul Thought: Be.

CANCER Planet: Neptune July 20 – JULY 22
Dynamic: When darkness hits the world,
Direction: Lift your veil.
Soul Thought: What is the Illusion?

LEO Planet: Sun JULY 22 – AUG 22
Dynamic: A disruption in your energy flow is nothing to scoff at.
Direction: Mind the heart.
Soul Thought: When in doubt, Love.

VIRGO Planet: Moon AUG 22 – SEPT 22
Dynamic: You may sense unusual power, if temporary.
Direction: Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.
Soul Thought: OM.

LIBRA Planet: Uranus SEPT 22 – OCT 22
Dynamic: When your “normal” balance gets shaken, what to do?
Direction: Think outside the box!
Soul Thought: The whole world awaits.

SCORPIO Planet: Mars OCT 22 – NOV 21
Dynamic: You may feel an overwhelming drive to do something.
Direction: Reflect first.
Soul Thought: “Everything that happens to us is a reflection of who WE are.” —Deepak Chopra

SAGITTARIUS Planet: Earth NOV 21 – DEC 20
Dynamic: A powerful time of change for you.
Direction: Take a stand opposite the eclipse?
Soul Thought: Earth in the balance.

CAPRICORN Planet: Saturn DEC 20 – JAN 19
Dynamic: Some powerful dynamics can push you to the top of your mountain.
Direction: Or to the depths of your Soul.
Soul Thought: What’s the difference?

AQUARIUS Planet: Jupiter JAN 19 – FEB 18
Dynamic: Money and relationships are entangled.
Direction: Determine how to make the most of it.
Soul Thought: Matter is frozen light and light is love.

PISCES Planet: Pluto FEB 18 – MAR 20
Dynamic: It may be time to form a group.
Direction: A secret society?
Soul Thought: To hide or not to hide?

To discover your Rising Sign, or for more information, contact Charlene R. Johnson,
www.SkyDanceAstrology.com, or email: SkyDance@SkyDanceAstrology.com
Esoteric Astrology is focused on the rising sign more than the sun sign (we suggest you read both)
and provides clarity, direction and answers for those seeking a higher level of life.


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