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May 2024

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Life is Beautiful…

“What would be there if this thought isn’t here?”


That is if we let it be so. In these times of turmoil and uncertainty, we can find the beauty in life. But we have to get out of our own way to rediscover it.

When visiting with friends or family I find the conversation at some point will wander off into politics, war, economy and whatever else may be serving our worried negative responses. And the strange thing is, it seems that there is much more attention paid to those subjects than to the beauty and the good in the world. So, when I say get out of our own way, this really means to make conscious choices about how much attention we give to these things. Yes, it is very important to be informed, but it is also important to give equal, if not more, time to those things that bring happiness and allow us to see and enjoy the beauty in this world. The reason for that is simple: What we focus on the most becomes the tone and environment in which we live from moment to moment.

When we read about shootings such as the one recently in Texas, do you ever wonder what kind of mental and emotional atmosphere the shooter lived in? Was his focus so deeply entrenched in whatever illusion he harbored that it led to his need to do what he did? And it usurped any hope for a higher conscious mind? Was the noise in his head from negative input so incessant that he could no longer maintain sanity? Could anything about this event have been changed if there was even a hint of beauty, love or love of life in the environment of his thinking?

I believe how we think is paramount to all of life. We can change our thinking —if we choose. Those who don’t choose most likely don’t know there is a choice! So, the environment we create as our lives through our thinking, our perceptions and beliefs are what we could choose to focus on. Look behind the curtain and see what lies behind any disquieting thought and what it is serving. Does this thought help me or hinder me? Does this thought bring happiness or the opposite? Does this thought serve my higher good? If it does not serve my higher good, what is it serving?

We serve the good of all humanity if we choose to investigate the content and persona of our thoughts related to the external world and see how we are using our power of thought. And remember, the external world includes our own perception of our presence in that world. The “not good, pretty, handsome, intelligent, etc., enough syndrome.

What about the beauty of a cool breeze on a hot day?
What about the beauty of a smile from a stranger?
What about the beauty of a bird in flight?
What about the beauty of laughter in a happy moment?
What about the beauty of recovery from an illness?
What about the beauty of a kindness from a friend or loved one?
What about a beautiful moment in a time that you will never forget?
What about the beauty of a true and lasting friendship?
What about the beauty of love?
What about the beauty that we can make a choice of how we respond to any moment at any time and change the environment from perhaps one of disquiet to one of greater ease?