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Fire is the third element in our series of the four elements. When we think about the element of fire, we can consider that this is the element that can harbor or release negativity simply by our intent to be honest and truthful with ourselves and look deeply into our thinking processes to discover what it is that we are holding on to in thought or belief that may be causing disharmony, unhappiness and even illness. When we choose to look with deep honesty inward for our answers instead of directing our displeasure toward another, we can become free. Because all that another represents is a mirror of our own thinking, that is secretly held within. When you recognize these patterns of thinking and believing, you have the opportunity to make your own determined decision to let it go and you can begin to make changes in what you choose to allow in your thinking and believing.

Action! That is the nature of fire. Action that is transformative, taking one from anger to calm, loss of self-esteem to healthy self-esteem, from fear of rejection to healthy self-confidence, transforming from sensitivity to criticism to a healthy non-reactive experience. And finally, trusting the life journey as it comes to you.

Fire is our personal will, our personal power, and it is out of balance when we are inconsiderate, manipulative, abusive or selfish or when we harm others with anger and destruction. The power of an out of balance fire element, some of which has been spoken of above, also include jealousy, manipulation, aggression and domination—all of which can create physical problems with the digestive system, such as ulcers, diabetes, energy imbalances, colon and intestinal problems, pancreatitis, indigestion, liver problems and adrenal dysfunction. Here we can understand that those thoughts, attitudes and beliefs when we hold on to them can create such havoc in the body. It is useful to know what probable thoughts may be related to our symptoms, as it allows one to clue track those symptoms in their possible relationship to our beliefs and attitudes and meet them without judgment or criticism. The work is to let them go and move into a place of higher mind.

“Anger has many faces, from jealousy, rage, competition and aggression to resentment and blame. These are all associated with positioning and power struggles. The ego is out to get what it wants in its own way and when it wants. When fire energy is positive, the fiery emotions warm and lighten the heart so that we can enjoy laughter, joy and creative transformation.” —Farida Sharan, PureHealth.com

It is also important to know that when our fire element is low from too much inertia, this too can cause an inability to digest food, experience being cold, have a lack of energy, absence of passion and an inability to make necessary changes. Help for the fire element can be sunbathing, saunas, sweatlodges, heat treatments, good nutrition, healthy diets, moxibustion, massage and exercise as well as good sleep patterns and quiet contemplation.

We can rise above power struggles which are the work of the ego by aligning to the greater inner peace that is within each of us.