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Reverence For Nature

EARTH, WATER, FIRE, AIR—the four life-creating and life-sustaining gifts of nature, and they are free—no prescription needed.

When we live our lives in recognition and understanding of these four wondrous gifts of nature, we can live our lives more consciously and have the opportunity to create better physical and emotional health.
In the following months, I will share with you vital information about each element that can help you see the wisdom in acknowledging each of them and how they reveal themselves in your own life. Because there is so much to say in this exploration together, it will be necessary to look at each element at the rate of one per month.

Our bodies are an intricate weaving of the four elements of human life: earth, water, fire, and air. They are considered the fundamental building blocks of nature. When these elements are out of balance, our whole life is out of balance. We, who dash about doing this and that, scattering our energies to the four directions, are mostly unconscious of these elements and the important function of each one. Each element nourishes the other elements and when in harmony with each other, there is greater health and happiness.

There is an important correspondence of these elements to the nervous system. Our nervous system organizes itself into plexus, a bundling of intersecting nerves in areas along the spine. The torso has four of these nerve plexuses. Each of these plexuses correspond to the functions of specific organs and structures. They also correspond to energy centers of the body called chakras which are considered archetypal components of consciousness. And lastly, they all correspond to the four elements of earth, water, fire and air. As we explore each element, we will look at the related organs and structures of the body: the related emotions, the negative and the positive energies that may be present, the challenges, the imbalances that may be present due to an excess or a shortage of specific elements and then suggestions of how you can bring more balance.

It’s exciting to write about these elements and their place in our lives and how we can benefit through understanding them. Remember, as I have spoken in previous writings, the body has the ability to heal itself. The mysterious mechanisms that make up the human system of existence are miraculous and we, each of us, have the opportunity to awaken to and understand where we may be out of balance and apply the wisdom of the elements as they point the way toward understanding how we can achieve a happier and healthier life.

In the meantime, think about the harmony of water when it meets an obstacle—it finds its way without anger, frustration or fault. Think about the healing energy from the earth when we stand upon her in our bare feet. Then there is the calming gift of breath and the energy and warmth of fire.