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July 2024

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Many of us have had dreams of how life could be. As a small child it is possible that there was something you wanted and perhaps because you made your wanting known, it may have become a reality. Perhaps your parents bought it for you or took you to a certain place. Because there was a true desire not of the mind, but of the heart, to have this thing that you wanted, it manifested in your life.

For me it was a spelling bee in elementary school. I remember that all the participants had been eliminated except for two of us. This was a time in my life I felt inferior to others and so lived rather in the background of life. But on this day, I was surprised to find myself to be one of two finalists. As we stood there, I remember a deep, deep desire to win the spelling bee and silently prayed I would win. I don’t remember the word, but it was given to the person next to me first. She spelled it incorrectly and so it was my turn. I remember my face burning with blood, rushing through my body, and my nervous system was on overload. I took a deep breath and spelled the word and, I spelled it correctly. To some this may not seem that important, but to the little wallflower I was at that time, it was a dream come true. I was so excited I could hardly keep from jumping up and down. There were no great hurrahs or kudos other than the “well done” from the teacher, but for me, there was this precious energy moving through my body that I can only describe as love.

Mind presents options
Heart offers recognition
Mind imagines
Heart reveals
Mind strays
Heart stays
Mind thinks
Heart knows
Mind is becoming
Heart is being
Mind introduces creature comforts
Heart introduces the Creator
—From White Fire by Mooji

It was a heartfelt focus—that was the energy it took to create what I wanted. We all have that gift within us, the ability to re-dream our world to meet our heart more deeply. And when I speak of wants and desires, I am not speaking of greed and grab from the world, but the wants and desires of the heart to manifest a life within that is freer from the constraints of opinions and beliefs that life has put upon us. To look, to take a deep look at ourselves and re-dream how we see the world through the feelings within us. If the world appears to be dull and boring, re-dream that world through heartfelt focus. See that world as you would truly like it to be and stay with it. Write about it, meditate upon it. Be sincere about it.