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June 2024

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I am proud to thank and acknowledge the ongoing restoration work our business partner ENTACT (Environmental Tactics) is performing on Molycorp Miner Memorial Field. Their work will enable the Village of Questa, Questa Economic Development Fund, and JA Productions to successfully host the Dia de las Acequias del Norte music benefit concert on Sept. 3. More importantly, their work is laying the groundwork for the use of that park by Questa residents and those in our surrounding communities for years to come.

For folks who are curious about the work they are completing on Chevron’s behalf, I am providing a summary here:

  • Removal of weeds, debris, and fallen/leaning trees
  • Grading access roads
  • Painting over graffiti
  • Improving the stairway trail to the upper parking area
  • Repairing the stage including the roof, walls, steps, and benches
  • Installation of new lighting
  • Replacement of electric infrastructure including to the main service panel, vendor areas, and stage
  • Installation of new fencing along the perimeter of the outfield
  • Installation of a gate at the entrance to provide improved security
Courtesy Photo Molycorp
Miner Memorial Field, maintained and recently upgraded by ENTACT.

These improvements total approximately $100,000, which Chevron and ENTACT are pleased to provide as an in-kind donation to the Village of Questa. Chevron’s donation is valued at about $90,000 while ENTACT’s donation is about $10,000.

I will add that the work is being completed despite the heavy monsoon season this summer with nearly daily rains. This is not surprising given ENTACT’s consistent and strong performance managing operation and maintenance of the majority of the former mine site since 2013. ENTACT continues to hire locally — over 60 percent of its 34 dedicated site personnel are local hires. ENTACT also has a long track record of supporting our local community with all the assistance they provide during Questa’s annual Healing Fields of Honor event Memorial Day weekends. And they have now also agreed to co-sponsor the Dia de las Acequias del Norte.

For those readers unfamiliar with ENTACT’s work beyond Questa, I am happy to say that they are a high performing business partner to Chevron throughout the country. Their expertise includes environmental remediation, geotechnical construction, soil mixing and treatment, ground improvement, and coal ash impoundment and landfill closure.

In terms of additional future work at the field, we are also pleased to thank and acknowledge Arcadis for preliminary design work related to significant site improvements which will build on ENTACT’s ongoing field restoration. Combined with the Village’s upcoming river restoration activity on the Red River and future plans to build a trailhead on the upper portion of adjacent Chevron property, Molycorp Miner Memorial Field is likely to become a significant recreational asset that will improve the quality of life for residents and help diversify Questa’s economy.

Lastly, I encourage everyone to attend Dia de las Acequias del Norte on Sept. 3. All ticket proceeds will go toward local acequia associations. In addition to enjoying the music of Darren Cordova y Calor, Darren Lee, Dynette Marie, and Makayla Antonia, attendees will get to see Chevron and ENTACT’s restoration of the site.

Thank you ENTACT for your professionalism, your skilled and committed team, to your adherence to our strong safety culture, and your commitment to our local community.

Editor’s Note – ENTACT’s good work and rapid progress on restoring Molycorp Miner Memorial Field enabled the Village of Questa to successfully host Musica en la Montana, a four-day Spanish music workshop culminating in two free concerts on August 12 and 13. This event featured Hispanic music bands from New Mexico, Colorado, and Texas.

Courtesy Photo Molycorp