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I Dare You – December 23

The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and just beginning. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we gather with our family and friends and celebrate the holidays with warmth and good cheer. For some folks, the holidays are challenging. For the people and the animals who are struggling during the holidays, spend some time with them this season sharing joy and happiness and spreading the gift of love and compassion. Many situations can happen during the holidays and some, unexpected. Has something out of the norm happened to you or those you know? Was it a daring thing to do or say or to act upon? Did it change your life? Did it change the family dynamics or the holiday rituals? What moved you or motivated you to… ?

I want to be a magic scientist. At Christmas I wished for a science experiment kit. I took everything out and mixed them up. I did not read the directions and it did not come out right. But it came out cool cause I put a lot of stuff together. Some was a hard substance, others liquid that I put in containers and I wore a doctor’s science coat. I dared myself to do the experiment my way without any structure. Next time I want to do it with my family. (Rush is five years old and my grandson. Lucky me!)

When I was little, about eleven years old, we had 20 puppies during Christmas time, from two different litters. When I see Christmas lights, I remember the spirit of the puppies. We had two dogs by the same father at the same time. Negligent parenting! One of the overwhelmed mothers surrendered the rights to her puppies and the other mother dog cared for all 20 puppies. We built a puppy shed inside an enclosed patio. I crawled through the puppy door into a den of puppies and it was Christmas time.

I was a baby in New Mexico, the time my dad and I went skiing on a snowy mountain at the Red River Ski Area. I don’t know if it was fun. I was skiing at two years old and it was my first time. This was during Christmas vacation. I was happy, sad, and frustrated without knowing which one. I guess it was pretty daring at two years old.

I bought somebody a car for Christmas. Who did you buy the car for and why? I bought a 1969 MG convertible for my partner because she wanted one. Was it expensive? No, it was a used older model. I had to push it home a quarter of a mile because it wouldn’t start! I saw this MG for sale in my neighborhood and thought it was a good idea. She was very startled by the gift. What did she give you for Christmas? Well, she gave me a pair of woolen socks and some yarn and knitting needles, which was a little strange. Is there a dare in this story, Todd? The dare is she still loved me on Christmas, even though the car didn’t start and it was a risky present.

A simple Christmas imprint of my childhood stands out: visiting Santa’s home in my historic downtown of Wichita, Texas, touring Santa’s creaky house and baking cookies with Mrs. Claus in her airy Christmas kitchen. As a 7-year-old little gal, it was truly magical. It helped encourage my love for divine magic and charm! I dared to believe in the spirit of Christmas and still do!