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June 2024

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June 2023

I dare you

Perhaps there has been a moment in your lifetime when you have asked yourself, Do I want to do something different? Do I want to try a new way? Do I want to change my life in some way? It could be a move or a new job or a joining up or with a group of some sort. A dare can be physically related, which many of the following stories are about. It could be a simple decision you made or a major action that rocked you and changed your life forever. It could be a dare you witnessed and it affected you also. Can you dare yourself to tell me a story of your life when you were touched by something or someone that changed your world as you know it or knew it and it dared you to take a step forward. Remember a dare is a challenge. I dare you!

Kevin Engleberg:
“I went to Red River Ski Valley and I had a season pass. I went up with my friend to ski in the park. On the way down, my friend dared me to go off a jump at the bottom of the mountain. So I went off the jump with too much speed and broke my shoulder in two places.” [So I asked him, Would you take that jump again?] “This season I took the jump again slower and I landed it.”

Johnny Rip:
“There has been no greater challenge I have been willing to dare myself than chasing around dangerous women.” [I could not help asking Rip, what is a dangerous woman?] “One who carries a flask and rolls their own cigarettes.”

“My story is about the anniversary of my friend’s death from a skiing accident that happened at Alpine Meadows in Tahoe. We went with 10 friends that morning. It was very icy, very scary. They had bombed the mountain for avalanche control but they did not bomb the area where we were, which was in bounds. We were skiing in the trees in a chute and there was a lot of snow that day. A year later I went to the memorial held at the tree on the mountain. It was terrifying going to the memorial reliving the experience and skiing to the location. It was very emotional and challenging. There was a moment of silence and I am glad I made myself go. It was life changing.”

“One time when I lived in Kauai, I was with my family at a rocked ocean pool. The waves were really big that day. I looked out and saw a guy drowning 50 yards away. His friend on the beach was terrified to go help him. I climbed on top of the rock and dove in to get him. I had to swim backwards with one arm 50 yards back to the beach. I thought we were both going to die. It changed my life by making me more cautious and have more gratitude.”

“I was rock climbing in Zion with my brother. We were scrambling up a red stone rock face. It was really steep. My brother made me go up a boulder that was built into the mountain. I was free climbing. Hanging off the mountain. One of the scariest things I have ever done. I was half way up, it was obvious I could not climb down, I had to go up. I cried, freaking out. My brother below was ranting, raving and yelling at me forcing me to climb. There was so much pressure. It was a life-risking, irresponsible, daring adventure.”