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Letters to the Editor: April 2023

Dear Editor, I have just finished savoring each article of the March Questa del Rio News. Thank you for publishing this splendid newspaper.

Having relished Maruska’s paintings (aka: Ellen Wood) every day for the past two years after I purchased some of her work, I was thrilled to learn about her art exhibit at Questa Public Library. It was a great article and her work never fails to uplift me. I can actually feel her energy permeating from the canvas.
The heartfelt essay by US Army Veteran Matthew Corvin Wohlberg also made a huge impact on me. I sincerely appreciate his willingness to bare his soul to inspire the rest of us. It matters.

And Viola Garcia personifies the divinity of grassroots giving. Ms. Garcia is a beautiful example. These three local Seniors are proof that age is inconsequential in comparison to their magnificent spirits.

With deep thanks~
Laurie Lambert

Dear Norteños, After 11 wonderful years with the North Central RTD, I am happy to now be retired. I am grateful for the time and contributions during my time here and for all the wonderful people I have met and worked with through the years!

While active recruiting is taking place, Adam Leonard, our HR Director, will be the interim Communications and Marketing Manager. He can be reached at adaml@ncrtd.org and you can always find assistance from my associate Jayde Kolb at jaydek@ncrtd.org

Thank you for supporting the Blue Bus!
Jim Nagle
North Central Regional Transit District

Congratulations, Jim on your retirement! Thank you for everything you have done for public transportation and thank you for contributing to Questa Del Rio News.

Lou McCall