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Letters to the Editor: August 2022

Book of the History of the Questa Mine or a Museum?

I’d like to get copies of all parts of your mine story if that’s possible. I’ve just picked up a copy of community news with part 5. And I think a book would be great if there is or will be one. I think a museum is a great idea for Questa. There is so much history there and in the surrounding villages and I’m sure that Questa would appreciate the revenue a museum could provide. Some places have it as part of the visitor center. I’m thinking of other similar places like Red River, Cimarron and Moab.

Bob Brown in Taos

‘Thanks to everyone!’

I want to publicly thank the many people in Red River and Questa who recently helped me. I attended the Red River Car Show with my all-original 1952 M38 Willys military jeep and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately, in my haste to leave for a camping trip, I left my hat, Camelbak, and most importantly my original 70-year-old Jeep doors behind; the doors were irreplaceable. Thinking I had safely stored them, I did not discover they were missing until five days later when I couldn’t find them. So, on a whim, on my drive back home, I stopped at the Red River Visitor Center just in case someone had perhaps salvaged them.

The response by all concerned was remarkable. The staff at the Visitor Center, Public Works Department, and Sheriff’s Office all assisted me. A call went out on the city radio for anyone on frequency to keep an eye out. The folks at the Visitor Center even sent the Questa newspaper a Lost and Found ad for the doors (which they also posted on the QuestaNews Facebook page). After about an hour of everyone searching in vain, I left very frustrated.

Two hours later I got a call from the Visitor Center: Public Works had found my doors leaning up against a dumpster. Hallelujah! They were safely stored until I could return several days later. What would have been a self-induced tragedy became a cause for celebration. The Questa News even called me to inquire if I had found the doors or wanted to run the Lost and Found ad again for August. Such concern was very heartwarming! I would have never expected such an outpouring of sympathy and assistance. My problem became their problem, and they did everything possible to assist. I am truly grateful to all and expect to be back next year supporting the car show. Thanks to everyone!

Scott Sucher
Tijeras, N.M.

New source for wildland fire stats

I’m reaching out after I noticed your newspaper included nfpa.org’s article about US forest fire on your page here: https://questanews.com/co-existing-fire-shaping-the-landscape/
While that article is informative, the National Interagency Fire statistics show that as of Feb 4, 2022, 2,388 fires have already burned a total of 40,822 acres which is above the 10-year average.
That’s why our team recently released the 2022 U.S. Wildfire Statistics guide, which compiles the latest data from government and research sources into one all-encompassing piece, which can view here:

As we head into wildfire season, I thought you’d appreciate having this in-depth, updated guide on your page to keep readers informed with the most recent data.

Christina Gitto
Communications Coordinator