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February 2024

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Letters to the Editor

A Big Shout-Out to the Latir and Questa Fire Departments

I have lived here in El Rito for over 25 years, but I really didn’t know where I was living until my recent predicament. Calling 911 is always a difficult decision to make. So, when you finally make that call and wait for help to arrive, it is such a relief when you see it’s your actual neighbors!

I thought of prairie dog colonies… I watched as one little fella was on the ground. I think it got hit on the road. All the other prairie dogs huddled around the fallen one, chattering with each other in circles, as if to say “Now WTF are we going to do with that one????”

To sum up: I just wanted to share with our community that this incident has restored my faith in humanity, it was such a blessing, treating a very stressful situation with such grace and dignity. I will never be able to thank the first responders enough!

­Lisa Fox

Thank you!

Thank you for featuring me in your Lama edition of the Questa del Rio News, as your July Artist Highlight feature. I had very much enjoyed the article about artist Audrey Kunkel and her husband in an earlier edition, as well as the other Lama articles about the Wilsons. I look forward to your future artist profiles! I typically read the Questa Del Rio News front to back and often send a copy to my parents in Germany, because you guys do awesome work!

Thank you again, Monique Belitz