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December 2021

Questa  •  Red River  •  Cerro  •  Costilla  •  Amalia  •  Lama  •  San Cristobal

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Dear Editor, Thanks for the link to the website.

I just subscribed. YAY! I’m excited to read it. Just a glance at your website, and I will say it looks über professional but open, friendly, and inviting. Well done for making the decisions you made to lead to this result—among others, I am sure!

Keep up the good work, Barbara Scott

I just went to the Questa News website

hoping to find an edition of a past newspaper. Wow! That site looks fantastic!! Major props to you and anyone else that is owed credit, it looks fabulous! I’m so impressed, it has to be the most informative and well laid-out website in Taos County!

Lindsay Mapes

“I love your paper, it’s nice to have a hometown newspaper.”

Daniel Gonzales

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