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Our Wonderful Mysterious Body

Have you ever stopped to think about what an amazing thing it is that a broken bone can regrow, or how a liver is able to regenerate itself? How about the fact that every cell in our body is replaced with new cells every seven to ten years? Included among these innate gifts of the human body is the fact that skin cells are constantly being replaced with new cells, on a daily basis. Our lungs repair themselves after quitting smoking. At the site of injury, the blood forms a clot to stop the bleeding. We have an immune system that can create antibodies to fight foreign invaders. And new scientific information of the neuroplasticity in the brain allows for the reconnection of pathways of communication. Our wonderful human body is always healing itself.

There are scientific explanations for much of this, but aside from science, the reality that the human body has the ability to heal itself is what I consider a divine design; a life force within us that is the power behind this miracle called the human body. The beauty of this human form to function in such perfection is not something that science can re-create. For instance, science cannot create human blood, or a functioning human eye. That is beyond our limited capacity of creation.

Knowing that the body has the capacity to heal itself, I must include that this can only happen when the body is treated with regard and the understanding of what is good and not good for it. It would be more difficult and even impossible for the body to do self-healing if it is constantly battling with incoming chemically-laced, processed “foodless” foods, and drinks that are completely unnatural to its nature and normal functioning.

Because we are the caretakers of this gift of human form, we can help this amazing process by being mindful of our dietary choices and habits. It is important for us to take into consideration when we prepare our food to give ourselves the best real natural food possible. This of course would mean the elimination of processed and junk foods, avoiding chemicals, and focusing more on organic and whole foods. There can be times when organic/natural foods are not available to us. In that case, it can be very helpful to remember the power of our minds and take the time to bless our food with purity and nourishing qualities.

Another great help to keep our body in good running order is exercise. I remember when I was a working woman, I used to wonder how in the world I could get exercise when I was working long hours, maintaining a home, and raising children. Yet, with the intention of being present in good health for my family, I was able to create space and time to at least take a walk, which was also calming after a busy day.

And let’s not forget the great benefits of a good night’s sleep. I have found the more I am engaged with electronic devices such as computers, television, or cellphones, the less I am able to get a good night’s sleep. A hot cup of calming herbal tea before bed is very helpful. Reading a good book until sleepiness sets in or journaling are both relaxing and can quiet our busy minds from the happenings of the day.

When we treat our body in a beneficial way, it is like a prayer of thanks to the loving intelligence that created this mysterious existence we call life.