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February 2024

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Update from Repurposing Plastic Project

Hello, volunteers! The Repurpos- ing Plastic Project team bales plastic in Questa at RPP headquarters most Friday mornings 10 am – noon. Come see our baling process, get a mini-tour, join in the good work, and meet the team!

We want YOU to build with plastic! This fall we will be creating a simple how-to guide for DIY backyard builders to construct their own easy-to-build privacy walls with RPP bales. The first 10 builders to inquire get as many bales as you want FOR FREE! And we want you to know why this is so important: we are getting so much plastic we need to give it away! The RPP core team can only build a few projects a year. We can’t do it alone: we need the rest of you to build too, in order to keep this momentum going and divert our plastic from the landfill. So talk to your friends, make your plans, dream up your garden and patio projects, and let us know.

Learn to build, lend a hand! RPP is looking for hands-on helpers Wednesdays and Saturdays over the next six weeks as we work in Ranchos de Taos. Come join the building process firsthand and learn the simple steps to construct structures filled with plastic!

Ways you can help us process your plastic better: To use our baler best, we’ve found we need to repackage your plastic in heavy-duty tear-resistant 55g and 42g contractor bags. So if you want to go above and beyond, take that step for us, and give your plastic to us in those kinds of bags! It will save us money, labor, and plastic. Also, we’ve learned we can’t use the following, so please don’t give them to us:

  • Overly hard, rigid, brittle plastic—it should bend, not break!
  • No big sturdy plastic containers like mega-size laundry detergent and cat litter jugs
  • No plastic larger than 24” x 24”
  • No items other than plastic
  • No Styrofoam
  • AND Lids/caps need to be removed from containers

Keep on giving! We are a service that collects plastic and keeps it out of our landfill. Currently, our basic operations cost more than the small dues we receive from monthly memberships, so we are losing money each month. Local government has not contributed financially, so if you feel led to contribute to keep it going, you can donate at taostilt. org. Gratitude for your partnership and making a difference in Taos County.

Repurposing Plastic Project, Todd Wynward and the team (575) 737-8335; rpptaos@gmail.com or tiltcoordinator@gmail.com; www.repurposingplastictaos.com