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What are you grateful for? February 2022

February is the love month with Valentines, chocolate, flowers, and heartfelt cards. February 1 is the Lunar New Year and March 1 is the Tibetan New Year, known as Losar, the year of the Tiger. February 1 is also the Celebration of St. Brigid, also known as the Celtic celebration of Imbolc, symbolizing the halfway point between the winter solstice (Yule) and the spring equinox (Ostara). The word “imbolc” means “in the belly of the Mother,” because the seeds of spring are beginning to stir. February 2, Groundhog Day, lets us know how much longer winter will last. The early Christians called this day Candlemas.

What are you grateful for in the month of February? Is it the love of family, friends and family pets?
Do you have a special Valentine who you are grateful for?

Katy: Grateful for my friends—those present and not—grateful for warm, quiet nights.
Teddy: Valentine’s would be great—siblings I have, sister friends, male friends on Lama mountain, pets of others, and my new dog.

Morgan: I am grateful to have hilarious pets, a happy job, a supportive family, beautiful friends, and lots of upcoming projects. In February, I love thinking about all the seeds I will plant and resuming beekeeping.

Larry: What I am grateful for in the month of February and every month is a friend I can tell the truth to and who will tell me when I think I am kidding myself. My Valentine is that friend and her name is Marta. [I am not making this up!]

Andie: I am grateful for my father’s mother and my grandmother, Evelyn Valentine Purtell, who was born on Valentine’s Day. I loved her very much.

Caroline: I am beyond grateful for this human experience. My love for life is stronger than any other love that I know. We are love. So SHARE IT! Blessings to all in each and every moment on this glorious journey.

Greg: Healthy children, a beautiful place to live, happy puppy, an engaged and meaningful self-employed career, and under normal times, lots of great friends.