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What are you grateful for? January 2022

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Christmas market in Questa, Alumbra, the celebration of giving off illumination and light. It was a fun event to interview people, with a variety of vendors and community members sharing holiday cheer. What an amazing year we have all had in so many challenging and rewarding ways.

The last questions for 2021 were: Is there anything you are grateful for that happened in 2021 that you will carry through into 2022? Do you have a New Year’s resolution that you want to participate in through either body, mind, or soul that you will be grateful for in 2022?

Jennifer Blake
(artist vendor)

In 2022, I would like to focus on my art and create art that I like to create. I am grateful to the Questa and Taos communities for supporting artists and people like myself so I can make a living creating art that I love to make and enjoy. I want to do more stuff that is good for me mentally and take more time outside and work my life around these things. Be with my doggie.

Jeff Allred
(woodworking artist vendor)

I am grateful for everything out here. The land we just purchased we moved onto two days ago. We are excited about our new home. I started a firewood business in 2021 and I am grateful for the success of it and will keep that rolling in the next year.

Elisabeth Roberts
(artist/painter vendor)

I don’t want to take anything from last year to next year. Thank you for my job in the village of Questa. I recently returned a year ago and am happy and grateful to be back. I love my job with no commute. I am here for the long haul. In 2022 I want to care for myself better by eating better and caring for myself and family.

Yvonne Garcia
(community member)

I am retiring from Red River after 10 years! I am looking forward to being flexible and to do my favorite things. Re-purposing. Free bird not to have to work a 40-hour week. I am very grateful for that. That’s my story and I am sticking to it!