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What are you grateful for? July 2022

The winds have been crazy, drying everything out. What a welcome relief to see the start of the monsoons. The smell of rain and the sound of raindrops falling is a huge blessing for all of us. And here it is, July. Is there a situation, tradition, or memory of July Fourth that today you are grateful for that impacted your life in some way? It could be a family barbecue, a parade or a certain kind of food like hot dogs, potato salad, watermelon, and ice cream. In Taylorsville, California, where I lived for many years, there was a big parade and a rodeo. It was about the only exciting thing that happened all year long in that small town.

What do you do on the Fourth of July or what is a memory you have that you are grateful for?

Clouds, rain, coolness, moisture. Two things come to mind. I always wanted to do a barbecue and I hope to someday do that. Fireworks are upsetting to my dog, so of course, I wish they would spend money that was more helpful to the community.

My favorite memories of the Fourth are that I grew up in the city. A big parade would go through the neighborhood, and we would get our bikes out and ride around with flags on them. In the Arroyo Seco parade, we would walk the goats with the kids. The kids rode the goats, Rocky and Shadow, with saddles, they were the size of donkeys. We liked to go for hikes and camping trips with the goats; they followed us like puppies.

The memory of seeing the Boston Pops with family and friends on the Boston Commons. We would throw out a blanket and have cold drinks and snacks to eat. It was sooooo hot. We waited until dark and the fireworks would start. It was a fun event back then. I would not do it now; I was in my teens then.

“Explosions in the sky. Fireworks are cool. The smell, sound, and color of the fireworks. I am including this year snaps and sparkles.”

Great firework displays in the yard. We lived in Grants, New Mexico, and we lit them off in the road.

My most significant memory of July Fourth was the local hand fireworks. One shot up my shirt, a spark from the firework and burned a mark on my skin and we laughed hysterically, and it only hurt a little. It happened in the mountains of California. I was 25 and I will never forget it.

I was Batman on a home-made Batmobile. I was three years old in the Seco parade with my grandmother, who was Catwoman. I got a free burrito. I also enjoyed the years going to the Red River parade for all the candy that is thrown out to spectators!