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What are you grateful for? August 2022

What do you do on the Fourth of July or what is a memory you have that you are grateful foWhat do you appreciate about Red River? Have there been any experiences or people you have met there that you are grateful for?r?

“ The Wild River campsite is my favorite place on earth. Where the Rio Grande and the Red River meet. The Red River side is more shady with woods and the fishing is more available. The river runs faster than the Rio, its more pleasant and cooler and the hike is not as long. The river is radically smaller from the last saw it.”

Sally Mae:
“I love the trails; they are so beautiful. I go with my grandkids and daughter to get ice cream and lunch at the Red River Brewery Company. It’s just perfect. I can hear a country song coming down.”

“I love the fudge. My favorite place to go is the Candy Crate. It reminds me of an old country store, and I like fudge and sugar. I love playing in the park with the kids especially on a full moon. HEEHAW !

“I like going when the motorcycles are up there. I like having the gas station at the end of town and they do have a porta-potty there. I go there once in the winter to watch the skiers and sports on TV. At the Bull Of The Woods who have good homemade French fries.”

“I love the milkshakes at the Dairy Barn and the fresh made donuts at that restaurant you go down the stairs to. You have to be there before 9 am or they are all sold out. I also love the hiking off the old Red River Road.”