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What are you grateful for? October 2021

I am choosing pet appreciation as this month’s theme for gratitude. Our beloved furry creature friends bring us joy and love unconditionally!

Holly Difani (Arroyo Seco)

I had three dogs that were a team and wonderful companions: Anna-bell, Patch, and Kira all had different personalities. When I would pat Patch on the head, the love that came into his eyes was amazing. Kira was a Blue Heeler and very loyal to me. Annabell was a kick and a character, a Chiweenie (a cross between a chihuahua and a dachshund). One time I was walking down the road and all the dogs were with me. I spot a coyote at the other end of the field. The dogs go for the chase and Annabelle does not come back. The coyote doubles back and picks Annabelle up in her teeth. I start screaming and the coyote drops her. I was surprised and grateful the coyote released her.
Katie Tharpe (Cerro)

I know two dogs who remind me of my past. Toad and Saramie Bay are sisters. They are big, white herding dogs that I believe are reincarnations of my childhood dogs named Homer and Hank, who were black labs. One is calm and the other is energetic. They have Yin/Yang personalities. I am grateful that they always show up when I least expect it but when I most need it.

Diane Garvelle (Taos)

My dogs keep my heart open with unconditional love, especially during this pandemic. They are my family. Abby is the Queen of England and Buck is the Prince of Wales, a consumer of all he sees ‘cause he likes to eat! They are Corgis and the loves of my life.

Eleanor Austin (Taos)

Lady Cornelius is a beautiful dragon lizard. My experience with Cornelius is that she helps me connect with the earth. Her love connection with the earth helps me remember to take time outside and be present. She is an ampli-fier of earth energy. I can tell when she feels healthy and vibrant and that the area we are in must be a special place. It is wonderful to connect through her with other people. She has a gentle appreciation of the interactions.