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What are you grateful for? November 2021

‘Tis the season to be thankful and to be giving, and Thanksgiving gives us an opportunity to gather together to express our gratitude and love to each other. Why wait? Take this moment now to come together in love and in peace. Gather around your hearth fire with family and friends and celebrate this harvest time. Let us remember and be grateful for our veterans who risk their lives for the freedom we still have in this country.

I asked: Can you think back to a November happening in your life: a situation, person, place, thing, plant, or animal that has touched you in a way that you are thankful for?

Maria Elena Quintana

I had three dogs that were a team and wonderful companions: Anna-bell, Patch, and Kira all had different personalities. When I would pat Patch on the head, the love that came into his eyes was amazing. Kira was a Blue Heeler and very l“I like to come back to Cerro Vista Farm—I get to meet new people every time. All I have to do is listen. I am grateful to find out about the farm. I love the idea of feeding my family. It is important they know where their food is coming from. We plant, grow, and harvest. It’s beautiful here, so beautiful. This place reminds me of my grandmothers. They loved flowers so much and always grew a garden, canned, and did everything they could for their families.”

Sandra Dancer

“In November, I always feel the change and embrace the change of seasons by going more inward and contemplative and surrendering to that. My neighbor and I are going to spend Thanksgiving with my 90-year-old friend Jerry, who lives in Sedona, Arizona. She just arrived back from India after many years living there. Her favorite thing in the world is a traditional Thanksgiving meal with all the works. We want to provide that for her.”

Harvey Merz

Lady Cornelius is a beautiful dragon lizard. My experience with Cornelius is that she helps me connect with the earth. Her love connection with the earth helps me remember to take time outside and be present. She is an ampli-fier of earth energy. I can tell when she feels healthy and vibrant and that the area we are in must be a special place. It is wonderful to connect through her with other people. She has a gentle appreciation of the interactio“Well, by moving here a month ago, I am reconnecting with Taos after 19 years. I like the feeling of community here. I built a school, church, and library. I am drawn to the mystical side of life: I have found it here. It’s a good place to live part of the year or most of the year. More options here for me and it’s easier to meet people. November is a good time to connect to others. I am grateful to be here.”

Mike Tilley

“One year I was given a Thanksgiving turkey and I am a vegetarian. NO, thank you. They said, ‘You keep it, it’s your turkey, you deal with it.’ Ok, well, who can I give it to? So, I took it to Shared Table on a bicycle in a plastic bag, wobbling all over the place, risking my life on Pueblo De Norte. It was hair-raising and I am grateful I made it, the trip with the turkey.”