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What are you grateful for? August 2021

Gretchen Schum, Hondo (manager of Midtown Market)

My first job teaching, outside my home state of Pennsylvania was teaching music K – 8th grade, at Questa Elementary School. It was very difficult. I was not prepared for it, as well as for the cultural shock of everything. I hung in there for a ten-year tenure and was not hired back because of budget restraints. It was challenging for three or four years, but I am grateful for the friends I made at the school that I cherish to this day.
I have a reason for being here. Thirty years this place has been here. I see people from all over, and every year I enjoy visiting them like a family. They come to look for me and bring things and food. I am grateful for the company this provides, and I enjoy it. This is my life. My son’s family think I am happy and I am. I look forward to so many things. The tourists keep this place going, coming from all over: California, Arizona, Florida. If you call, sometimes I will open the door just for you!

Jakob Rosing,Taos (retired engineer)

An event that changed my life six years ago was when I lost my father and my daughter’s father on the same day. It changed my life big time but I wanted to make it a change for the positive for my daughter to witness that you can be strong and survive anything. Courage empowered me and broke my heart wide open. I am grateful that the world showed me that it is beautiful and full of love.
Tim Long, El Rito
(retired teacher and toy maker)
The summer is waning, the garden is at its height, the bees are busy, and I am thinking of an experience that challenged me that I became grateful for. What experience, situation, job or schooling looked challenging at the time and overwhelming but when it was over, you were grateful because it changed you and enriched you? After interviewing these four people, I was filled with a feeling of appreciation for the courage and strength of the human spirit and heart.

Fabbie Rael, Questa (manager of Artesanos thrift store)

The experience I am grateful for was walking The Camino De Santiago for 500 miles. We started in France, finishing in San Cristobal in Spain. I struggled with hiking, going downhill, until I acquired a pair of walking sticks that saved the day. I am grateful for being able to do it because I thought I was too old, but I did it! I discovered that walking was the journey and not necessarily reaching the goal. It was a reflection of life.