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Collective Consciousness

We live in a field of energy that is all around us and within us—everything is energy. That field of energy contains television transmissions, radio transmissions, and cell phone transmissions as well as our own transmissions of thoughts and attitudes. Albert Einstein said, “The field (invisible energy) is the sole governing agency of the particle” (the material realm). This field permeates all beings, affecting our attitudes, feelings, and behaviors as well as our health. It is in this field and what we contribute to it that we change our life experience.

The world around us reflects majority thinking and attitude as well as apathy, that has been uploaded into the field. The current consciousness reveals the manifestation of war-mongering, extinction of animals and sea life, deforestation, destruction of ecosystems, loss of growable soil, control of natural resources and the breakdown of social structures; violence, substance abuse, mental illness and myriad health problems.

Some feel that nothing will happen with just one voice, but this is not true. One voice adding sincere positive and loving thoughts and attitudes to the collective consciousness can indeed make a difference. Look at the power the voice of the media has on the world: A collection of thoughts and attitudes brought about by the harping of the media that are voicing their preferred rendition of the story they are focused on. We can be the antidote to the egoic noises around us by our intention to be aware of what we are adding to the environment of the collective consciousness.

The change in what we upload to the collective consciousness begins with our own day-to-day lives. How are we responding to our environment? The environment we live in: what we read, listen to, watch on television, relationships, and what we choose to focus our mind on is the ground floor of what we are broadcasting to the field of energy, the collective consciousness.

Being present in the moment and not projecting into the future or dwelling in the past will also help create a more mindful environment. When we are present in the moment, we can listen to our own voice. That voice will speak the uniqueness of our own expression, untainted by the input of media and unconscious programming from daily encounters.

Now, mankind is demonstrating the voice of a collective consciousness that is not in integrity with peace and goodwill, the voice of the spirit that is our true nature. What is being demonstrated is a system of collected beliefs, some of which have no basis in truth. A belief is something that is not necessarily proven, but something we allow to direct our lives, even though there is no direct experience of its validity. This is not to say that a belief cannot exist, but it would be of great benefit if discernment was used to check in as to what we are using to respond to life through our thoughts, attitudes, and focus.
The EOS Institute states “The collective consciousness permeates all beings affecting our attitudes, feelings, and behaviors. We are all part of the whole, just like cells within the body. They function separately, but also work together as the basis of life itself.”

Just as collective consciousness can impact us, we can influence the collective consciousness for the better. I’m sure most of us have heard “the change begins with you.” Let’s do it!