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BODY MIND SPIRIT: December 2021

An Open Conversation

It’s early morning as I write this and it is still dark out. I’m mulling over the division in our country, and in the world. How did we get to this place?

Like others, I have made a decision as to how I live my life and tend to my health. That is my God-given right, at least in this country. I do not make these decisions lightly or without deep contemplation. Each of us has the right to evaluate information and decide the right course of action for ourselves. The decision I made to not be vaccinated is based upon my own deep investigations into the science. I have studied both sides of the vaccine issue, just as I would if I had cancer and was choosing between chemotherapy or a natural therapy.

In national media, I have witnessed voices that have been challenged and silenced because they do not agree with the accepted flow of information. I have even seen it labeled “misinformation.” When we vote for a leader, do we not listen to both candidates’ sides and make a choice? Just because two sides don’t agree doesn’t mean that one side presents information and the other misinformation… That is our right, to research and decide for ourselves from free-flowing, unimpeded information as to what is true and not true for us, and make our own informed decisions.

When there is only one channel of acceptable information available and the other voices are censored, that is a signal that we are considered incapable of making decisions on our own, and that our democracy is in trouble. I am speaking of information from experts who, prior to the pandemic, were considered reliable sources. Among those censored are physicians, virologists, naturopaths, biologists, and other scientists who have done deep research into the subjects they speak about.

How is it in our best common interest when those who hold themselves in a greater, more powerful position in the world take it upon themselves to only allow a one-sided viewpoint that diminishes the availability of information for our informed decisions? If we are not capable of making an informed choice, then perhaps we do need a “keeper,” telling us what we should and should not have access to, thereby making our decisions for us.

Apart from the scientific data of the ingredients in the vaccine and the lack of reliable trustworthy testing, I find it uncomfortable that the manufacturers of the vaccines have, with our government’s approval, created a legal shelter that disallows anyone to hold them legally responsible for any harm done by the vaccine. The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1988 provides vaccine manufacturers with significant “tort-liability” protections, eliminating manufacturer liability for a vaccine’s unavoidable adverse side effects, vaccine-related injury, or death associated with the administrations of a vaccine. Meanwhile, the drug companies that manufacture these recent vaccines have realized record tens of billions in profits within just the first few months of their release.

My intention is to have an open conversation and not a condemnation of anyone or anything. It is simply a look at our freedom to make a decision that is right for ourselves. I suggest we end this fear and separation and work together to build an army of healthy bodies by educating ourselves about the power of a healthy immune system. Viruses cannot reproduce independently; they need our help. A healthy immune system makes it hard for viruses to proliferate. “Our Amazing Immune System” is an excellent video on YouTube that is very informative about the immune system. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4ugfqicGKo

Work together, share information on social media, or meet with friends to share what is harmful to the immune system and what is healthy for it. Support each other with positive and helpful information to build a better world.