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BODY MIND SPIRIT: December 2021

The Wisdom of the Heart

I was speaking to my daughter yesterday and as we were chatting, we came upon the subject of an upcoming article for the Questa Del Rio News. I said I wanted to speak about the wisdom of the heart. I mentioned to her that often music tends to inspire me in the topics I want to write about. Later, she sent a text: “Listen to Pat Benatar’s song We Belong.” Although it is about a relationship, I heard it as a song to the world about all the divisiveness in these times.

As I read the lyrics of the song, I was inspired by the following:
We belong to the Light
We belong to the thunder
We belong to the words
We’ve fallen under.

Whatever we deny or embrace
For worse or together
We belong, we belong
We belong together.

In reality, the ultimate dream is a planet of peace where all walk side by side in love and appreciation of each presence. However, we the people of this planet have historically been at war for one reason or another for as long as anyone remembers. And those wars are not only in battle with weapons of destruction, they are here and now in our very voices as we speak to and about one another—separation through judgment and fear. This is but a smaller version of the larger wars fought throughout history.

We have the power within us to stop the negativity and the separation and begin anew with a higher vision of how to be in this very moment. We can stop the adversity and reach for something more in tune with the beauty of this world, which is hidden from eyes that are clouded by judgment. Judgment causes separation and is driven by fear that is usually triggered by challenges to our conditioned beliefs; and fear is our greatest source of stress. Stress can suppress the protective immune responses, which is a very good reason to retreat to the heart. Taking the attention to the heart and resting there helps to calm the mind of its noisy chatter. The heart has a true and relevant wisdom that can bring more ease in this time on earth. Being conscious of what we feel and sense in our heart, setting aside the noise from the masses or the media, is a sure direction that can lead to the expression of love instead of separation through fear.

The familiar symbol of the heart does not resemble the actual shape of the physical heart. It is not one heart, but two hearts joining as one.

Agreeing and dis-agreeing doesn’t have to look like an argument or a fight. Put your energy into what you want to create in the world. Start a new health regimen, share helpful information with others, practice peace, practice love. Be the best you can be. End the worry about what other people think of you. Don’t engage in things you don’t value. Speak what is true for you.

I sincerely wish all of you a wonderful Festival of Lights and a very peaceful and loving Christmas.