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June 2024

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BODY MIND SPIRIT: January 2024

A Prayer For The New Year

I remember many years ago, while on the farm with my grandparents, there was a devastating tornado that was so dark and so loud, I thought it was the end of the world. I was quite young at the time and can remember bits and pieces of the event: I remember our grandmother ushering everybody into the root cellar where we sat on the dirt floor and huddled up together. It seemed to last for an eternity, but eventually we came out of the root cellar. The farmhouse was still standing, some trees had been uprooted, and a couple of out-buildings were decimated. There was a deep muddy trench running across the pasture and yet the barn was still standing. When we surfaced and went inside the house, our grandfather began to gather shovels and other tools together. He put them in his car and set out to see who he could help. He was gone for the entire rest of the day and into the night. When he came home, he was exhausted, and it was clear that he had been crying. As the story was relayed to me in later years, our grandfather had come across some very sad situations and did his best to help, but in some cases it was hopeless.

I remember our uncle Francis coming back from the war, World War II, that is. The first time I saw him after his return I could hardly recognize him. He was so thin and extremely quiet. It was explained to me that he was suffering from shellshock, as they called it in those days. I do know that he did what he felt was the right thing, but I will say that he paid dearly for the rest of his life for what he felt was his duty.
These two stories bring to mind thoughts about what is really important in this life. What comes to mind in this moment is Kindness, Love, Compassion, Understanding, Courage, Patience and working together for the good of the whole. I suppose this all comes about because of the absolute senseless cruelty and death toll that happens during war. How do we as world citizens help to end these wars? One way is through prayer. We have all witnessed that killing each other is not a path to peace.

A Prayer for the New Year

I pray to have the strength and the kindness that my grandfather had in a time of great need.
I pray that we the people of this great planet Earth awaken and remember we are one family called humanity, on one earth. And that we have the wisdom to lay down all weapons of destruction of any kind, turn around, and walk away.

I pray that all people in every country will have an honest government. A government that is dedicated to the people and the good of each nation. That all those who are greedy and power hungry are relieved of office, no longer using the people to line their pockets.

I pray that the many, many children that have been used and abused be free from their captors and find peace in this world.

I pray for a world where one feels safe to speak their truth without fear of repercussion from any government, neighbor, or friend.

I pray in this coming year that the world leaders have great awakenings of the heart and mind that lead to dedication to Universal peace and love.

May we all find that deep connection of one soul to another.