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Transcending Separations

As humans, we don’t always agree with each other and that is the natural order of things. We are not here to convince or change another’s ideas or ideals. We are here however, sharing the same planet in the same milky way galaxy and this is our home. Perhaps that makes us family.

There are many reasons for separation, be it physical, mental, emotional, religious, race or political. As we can see there is plenty of playground for separation by way of the viewpoints that each of us hold about any of these subjects. In that we must remember that we are one family, yes, but we were, in truth, all brought up in different countries, societies, belief systems, parental guidance, and the like. In most cases, separation results from viewpoints that differ from one another and in such cases, there is the potential that separation can create a loss of safety, a loss of stability because our sacred cows are being challenged. And in the world of ego, we never, ever want to be wrong. So, we hold tight to being right and the separation deepens. Even if we are “right” or even “wrong”, this is a great opportunity to find our innate curiosity and ask ourselves pertinent questions. For instance: Is what I hold as right or wrong really true? Is it something I want to be true? Is it someone else’s truth that I have followed without question or investigation?

The power of separation is mighty – walls fall, marriages fail, foundations crumble, unity dies.

Cells of the body separate only to be reunited as a whole as one larger organism. This is a beautiful kind of separation as it is creative in its purpose and not destructive. Using that ideal, creative instead of destructive could be the doorway we could choose when we are experiencing separation. The goal being balance and harmony by way of, possibly, an open-minded conversation or debate without the desire to be right with the intent to actually hear one another. To be open to questions is very helpful.

Many years ago, my husband, Richard and I had an argument. My ego was fighting his ego and both of us wanted to be right. As the day went along in cold silence and separation, there was a voice inside of me that said: “turn toward him, not away.” I won’t say it was easy to do as my ego still wanted to be right, but I took the advice and turned toward him, silently embraced him and all the angst and ego melted away from both of us.

The people of this world are suffering from separation on a large scale, and I know we cannot go about turning toward and embracing everyone that is out there with a different agenda, but we can find that space in our heart to embrace them as the brothers and sisters of one earth family that they truly are. In doing this, we are contributing a positive vibration to the mass consciousness and lessening the negative.
“I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” Evelyn Beatrice Hall’s reflection on the works of Voltaire