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BODY MIND SPIRIT: September 2021

I Remember

I remember my younger years and see them
from quite a distance now.
I remember laughing till my sides hurt.
I remember riding our old farm horse and falling
off because my legs were too small to straddle her.
I remember trying out for the girls softball team and
failing to make the team.
I remember yearning to be a full-grown woman
and explore the adventures that adulthood promised.
I remember peer pressure and how I believed I did not measure up to its arduous demands to be accepted.
I remember the ending of a world war and the
endurance of other wars.
I remember the many four-legged creatures that
passed through my life.
I remember when I first heard Elvis Presley and
The Beatles. Wow! That was a memorable one.
I remember watching my older sister growing
ahead of me, leaving me behind.
I remember the assassination of President Kennedy
to the day and the hour and exactly where I was.
I remember wanting to be somebody special.
I remember having my first dream car, a 1967
Mustang fastback.
I remember drive-in movies.
I remember being too busy to be bored in a
time before television.
I remember 9/11.

Like you, I can remember so much more, but for now this is what comes to mind. When all is said and done, I am quite pleased and happy to have reached my senior years. There is such freedom from the nitpicky little things of life and such joy in the ability to observe life and not get caught in the tangled web of emotions and mental imaginings.
Ah, here’s another remembering… I remember when my grandmother used to tell me to “turn off that noise” when I was listening to music on my little 45 rpm record player. That noise was the music of the day and I remember loving all of it. But now, I really love sitting quietly in silence, just being.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid of growing older. It just gets better because of the freedom from the investment in every little nuance that comes along. Even though our abilities change and there can be more aches and pains, it is so worth it. Enjoy the ride.

Clearing The Way

I have waited quite a long time to get old,
So, I think I should try to enjoy it.
I can’t turn it in for a refund,
And I surely don’t want to destroy it.
I would like to lighten the luggage
I’ve accumulated over the years.
I’d be smart to release all the memories
That brought about heartache and tears.
A future that lives for the moment,
With little concern for the past
My time will be filled with contentment,
No matter how long it will last.
So now that I’m ready for the rest of the trip,
I foresee no problems ahead
I’ll make each day be a worthwhile event,
With no regrets for the life I have led.