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February 2023

What are we grateful for in February? I am grateful that we are half-way through winter with longer days. Valentine’s Day is a good time to show our love to our families, friends, animals, and Mother Earth. Flowers and chocolate are given and eaten with full abandonment. Loving kindness through a phone call, text or better yet, a card always brings joy to the receiver. Do you have a special someone or or something you do for someone special on Valentine’s Day, this year or in the past? Is there a place or a person that you would like to send your love and blessings to?

“I would like to send love blessings to my kids and grandchildren. I appreciate how they include me in their daily lives and for all the parties and holiday gatherings. It’s a comfort living close by and sharing the same community together. I am sending love to all the dogs in San Cristobal that bark at night with a prayer that you stop barking so we can all sleep peacefully in 2023 with our windows open and no ear plugs.”

“No Valentines locally. I get one Valentine a year from my college where my ex and I met. That was my only Valentine even though we have been divorced 33 years. My love to my precious boy who makes my life worthwhile. I am sending my love and blessings to all the people with weather issues, losing their homes, and all kinds of disasters.”

“Ukraine needs our love and prayers. Valentine’s Day is about the kids. I love that all the kids give and get a Valentine, I love that… so universally good. Imbolc [Groundhog Day] and Saint Brigits are on the same day, the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox [February 2 and 1, respectively]. Continuing to celebrate the Light and prepare for spring.”

“I don’t have someone in my life I give a Valentine to. I like making Valentines with kids. It’s messy but lots of fun. I send my love to my daughter and four grandchildren wherever and however they are.”

“I don’t have anything big. I spread extra smiles around, sharing the love. I like to hand out chocolate. The best way to spread love is when you have that childlike joy. I spread my love to the birds outside, giving them their favorite treats and watching them soar above my home.”

“Looking forward to spring snow for skiing. Deep, wet, heavy snow for farming, gardening and for the Earth. He loves his daughter’s home-made hand written Valentine’s cards saying, “Teamo” I love you. And loves the tradition with his wife watching the movie, Love Actually. There is a lot of love after that.”