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What are you grateful for? January 2023

New Beginnings

I have been watching the little creek by my house thaw out and freeze, thaw out and freeze. Every day the ice shapes itself into a new form, becoming beautiful, moving water crystals. The weather is about to change again and it will start snowing. What changes do you see coming for 2023?

Do you have a sparkling new inspiration, a new direction or a new plan for yourself, others, or the environment in the upcoming new year? Do you have a new beginning you are looking forward to? How about a New Year’s resolution? Are you grateful for any past situation or event that happened in 2022 that will carry you forward to 2023? Is there a blessing you care to give and share for the new year?

“I met someone this year. We have a healthy love of communication. We are able to open up doors emotionally for each other. We inspire each other and she is sexy. No expectations, no conditions. I don’t want to be a rebound. Relationships are like water, if you grasp it, you lose it.”

“A new beginning. I look forward to being able to share my personal experiences with others in the story of my life. I feel the story is inspiring more than anything I have been able to have. I want to tell the story through group interaction. It’s a story about gratitude.”

“I would like to give a blessing of love and togetherness with families and friends. And bless the strong connection we have in the community we live in. May there be world peace.”

“I would like to see more joy and play in my life. I would like to work more with energy and music. And get back to the basics of life, healing with herbs and essences.”

“I have been disappointed in the last two years. All these people hopping into our small community, buying up all the properties. Our young people can’t afford to even pay rent. Part-time residents taking homes away from our people. Who are these people moving into Taos? I don’t understand this movement. What kind of people are we attracting? Are they doing art or music? Are they taking time to reflect on the past two years? What are they bringing to share and offer the community? These are my concerns for Taos County.”

“I just returned from Ireland, and I need to change my life’s direction and follow my Celtic heritage in media and film making. I am going into this year with more gratitude for friendship because I don’t have a family. This is the year to follow my dreams and heart and to be more in service to people.”

“I am feeling very encouraged about the coming year in terms of coming out of COVID. I am very excited about my new home on the lake, a place to gather with family and friends. It is a blessing to be able to sing with the Threshold Choir at the bedside again. A gift to us, to all the members. My husband and I were blessed in 2022 with a reunion with friends we had not seen for 40 years. We are grateful for the renewed friendship.”

“This last year has threatened my idea of democracy and propelled me into political action. It has also profoundly increased my gratitude for all the blessings I experience daily.”