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Letters to the Editor: November 2021

In last month’s Questa Del Rio News guest editorial, there was a not-so-subtle pointing at those who have chosen not to be vaccinated as being responsible for the continuing pandemic. And for that, I say, “good for you to speak your mind and having the freedom to say what you feel is true and valid and to have it accepted for publication for others to read. That is your inalienable human right, especially as an American.”

Last year, the AP reported that the “Federal government issued new guidance warning that ANYONE exposed to the virus can be considered a carrier.” It doesn’t say vaccinated or unvaccinated, it says ANYONE. That is still current information.

Have we really come to such a point that we are blaming one another for the huge holocaust such a pandemic can create? I, for one, have no malice toward my neighbors nor do I wish them harm in any way. I wear the prescribed mask in consideration of others and do not impinge on anyone’s space unless invited to do so. And if I feel that I am ill in any way, I will definitely be staying at home.

I am not an anti-vaxer or a pro-vaxer. I support anyone who makes informed decisions to do what is right for their own health and well-being. We all have the right to deal with health challenges as we see fit. It is not appropriate to publish blame and division.

Barbara Tracy

Thanks, Barbara for speaking out. I personally apologize to you, and anyone else who may have reacted to this editorial. Last month I read the article one way and when I revisited it after your letter, I could see your point of view. The newspaper certainly didn’t intend to create more polarization.

Besides being a public health issue, the pandemic and vaccines, like pretty much everything these days, have become highly politicized. I agree with you; it is a shame that the vaccine debate has become yet another reason to divide us and create more separation. Imagine what our country could be if the Republicans and Democrats, the pro-vaxers and the anti-vaxers could work together to solve the problem, to do something constructive and take responsibility, rather than pointing fingers? To quote one of my favorite songs, “What a wonderful world this could be.”