Current Issue:
October 2021

Questa  •  Red River  •  Cerro  •  Costilla  •  Amalia  •  Lama  •  San Cristobal

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We received this voicemail from Charlene Chivarria regarding our Sep-tember Senior Issue:

“Hi, I wanted to inform you folks about the page numbers in the Questa Del Rio News. They should not be in a black little square ’cause it’s visible only when we have our reading glasses on. So, it’s kind of like you should do it plain white like the paper so the numbers are easy to find. OK? Bye.”

Thank you, Charlene, you are absolutely right. It was nice talking to you on the phone and we appreciate you pointing this out. It seems fitting that you were referring to our “Senior Issue,”—this is definitely a senior issue! You will notice in this October newspaper that the page numbers are now much easier to read. We appreciate hearing from our readers! Thank you for helping us serve you better.

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