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What are you grateful for? September 2022


Back to school time with routines and schedules, friends, and sports, cutting firewood and harvesting gardens and herbs, weekend camping and fishing, family barbecues soon-to-be holiday gatherings as everything changes with the seasons.

How does it feel to go back to school? Are you happy to be back with your friends? Did you have any experiences this summer you were grateful for? How do you feel about summer ending and fall approaching ?

Leo: 1st grader at TICA [what is this?]
Sunday: “I have to wait one more day, I can’t wait to see my friends!” Monday: “My first day was the best day ever. It was just so good!”

Lee: student at Northern New Mexico College in Española
“This my first time as a full-time student without going back to a work setting at Taos Charter with the kindergarten class. I am taking a deep breath and here we go! This is my third year in school in a teaching career and it’s all online. I am grateful and surprised at how much I am learning. It gives me structure and purpose in my life.”

Fia: 2nd grader at Roots & Wings Community School

“Awesome, going back to school, ‘cause school is so fun. Recess and PE are the best! Very happy to be back with friends.”

Kamyron: 4th grader at Roots & Wings Community School
“This is my first year here. I am excited because it’s a new space from Houston, Texas. We, my family, are planning a Red River Community Church.”

Jaiden: 2nd grader at Roots & Wings Community School
“I want to go back to school, but not that much. I like spending time with my family and friends. I love seeing my friends here.”

Colel-Sol: 1st grader at Roots & Wings Community School
“I feel great because of new friends and it’s exciting to see our teachers again.”
These two girls, Jaiden and Colel-Sol, were sitting together at the school. Their closing comments were: “ We have known each other since babies and I know she likes chocolate ice cream.”
“But I like vanilla, tooooo!”