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What are you grateful for? October 2022

Gratitude for Water
Our October issue is all about WATER. How do you celebrate water in your life? Do you have a story about water and how it has affected your way of life? Has there ever been a lack of water in your life or too much water that made your existence risky or challenging? We are all grateful to have enough water to wash dishes, bathe, water the garden and wash our clothes. Water is precious. Water is sacred.

Community Resident:
“ We catch all our water off our roofs. All our containers are full, which has never happened before. Water is precious, we use it for so many things, everything from showering to watering animals.”

Dave Mamich:
“My friend and I were hiking the Colorado Trail…we did not carry enough water. We were on a dry area of the trail. We were getting thirsty and looking all over the place. We look down and see a little creek. My friend was so dehydrated that I had to go down to the spring to get the water. Best water I ever tasted. I was very grateful for water that day. My wife and son both work with water.”


“Having moved here from New York, I used to be around tons of water, I took it for granted, never considered not having water. I moved to Santa Fe for three months and realized I had to drive two hours to get to any body of water. Abiquiu was half empty and I freaked out. Now I treat water as sacred. Years later I find the beautiful town of Questa and I feel like I am home. I built a sustainable home in Sunshine Valley and was unable to dig a well, so I collect all my water. Elders tell me it’s been 200 years since this much rain has fallen, you have to respect it.”

“I celebrate water by irrigating and growing crops for the local community. I am blessed by an underground river that enables me to grow food. Before I was a farmer, I was a mayordomo, I passed water out to the neighborhood. I have lived in the desert for 43 years and spent most of my time using water to grow food.”

“I was in Texas Hill country at a retreat with my husband and son. We went to bed and there was a deep pouring rain. We wake up to a knock on the door, “The flood water is rising.” We moved to higher ground. I sat in the open door of our van watching trees, cars and fenceline float by in rapidly moving water. I was concerned about the earth changes as I watched the water and I wondered, “What do I need to know about this?” My inner voice indicated, “You needed to know you can be in the middle of devastation without being harmed.” Brought me peace about the earth changes. I have always had a connection and respect for water.”

“I have been longing to go to my favorite body of water in Idaho. It’s the most beautiful, healing, rejuvenating, divine hot springs I have ever been to. It’s located in a large river and there is an amazing waterfall in the rock boulders. There are 12 natural pools there. It is located in the Payette River Basin.”
Lynn Galusky:

“We are very thankful for water. Our horses like to get in the arroyo to cool their feet. We try to do the best thing for the world…”